conviction_87 (conviction_87) wrote,

noticing things....

i noticed how i dont get alot of responses from my profile on my-boi, and it's because i clearly state the fact that im not into one night stands, or a regular hook-up. HA shows what the majority of men are looking for. damn men. hahaha. not all of them; there are good ones out there.i also was thinking how guys make things complex and act all nice and "one of a kind" when you meet them, but then they have sex with you and don't call you back. Then i thought, why the HELL can't they first just say "hey i want to have sex with you; want to have sex?" But, then i realized, thats how they trick men/women into bed and sleep with them, adding more to their fucked list. my mind ponders alot, as you can tell. LOL. *sigh* i can't write well today.....
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