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senior year

so senior year is almost here. i can't believe it. saying or hearing that im going to be a senior is so surreal to me. it hasn't hit me yet. i'm a little nervous/excited about it being my last and final year of public school, so every day as i get closer to G-Day(graduation day), i'm going to grow sadder/excited. is it too much to feel such oxymoron feelings? this summer has been great! i got 2 jobs this last week; abercrombie kids and jc penny's portrait studio. it is also surreal to me that im working at abercrombie. one of my cousins said "thats a hard job to get, i heard you have to be really good-looking, congratulations." when i heard that, i was like "hmmmm". LOL. hopefully people i know will not begin to stigmatize me for working there. now i have to go back to imprisonment, in which i forced myself so i can finish my summer assignments.....
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