conviction_87 (conviction_87) wrote,

in those jeans

there's nothing like buying a new pair of jeans and having that feeling where you feel sexy. LOL. bought some jeans earlier and they're my favorite. brings out my features, if you know what i yesterday was the first of the stressful days to come this school year. i finished my essay early than usual, and i was ready to print it, but it didnt work a couple times, so i refrained to save it on floppy. stupid me didnt save it on the hard drive and when i did, i checked the floppy to see if it saved, and after numerous tries, the fucking floppy lost my paper!!! OH was i in a frenzy. so after crying, i got over it and re-did the paper. go me. this weekend is labor day weekend and a 4 day weekend too. im excited
because i can get some ACTUAL sleep. senior year is starting to settle in. the enormity of senior year hasnt hit me, yet.
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