conviction_87 (conviction_87) wrote,


i love how my livejournal is incognito from alot of people i know and that i can say alot without drama occuring. *knocks on wood* this week was added to one of my worst weeks in my life. so *nameless guy* isnt going to work out. at all. oh well. i was pissed. im just fed up with the same deal with a guy. no more. im through. besides that, im loving me and renee's ( my cousin:)) plan for next fall. if all goes well im leaving this damn place and forgetting it ever happened. fuck DFW. im not liking how my dads side of the family is getting into my college business. it just adds to the stress when valedictorians come in and help, which i appreciate, but i feel more stressed by it. i just want to do good and make my graduation worth coming to. its a major issue on mind for the year. *sigh*. other things are fine too. just hope nothing goes wrong.
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