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merry christmas?

so today is christmas and its the celebration of the birth of Jesus. but in america, people forget the real meaning and embellish it with meaningless gifts you bought at the mall such as that nice watch you gave to that special someone or a diamond ring. whatever it is. for me, its different this year. i already recieved my ipod before christmas because i wanted it so bad, which i love. but, after working in retail(abercrombie) and watching/helping customers buy clothes for someone and seeing how CRAZY the mall gets, its pointless and sad. i dont like gifts for christmas anymore, i'd rather recieve something more meaningful with love. not a pair of jeans, watch, ring, or some electronic because i can buy that myself. opening my gifts at 12 midnight when chrismas began started out ok, but then my dad ruined it because he had to talk to me about a certain issue going on in my life and it just irritated everything! i felt so invaded with my personal space and the smell of alcohol from his mouth did not appeal to me at all. this is by far the worst christmas in my life. EVER!!!! will everyone thats stupid just slap themselves and fall unconcious please. not really, but it would be nice. 2006 better be a nice year....
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