conviction_87 (conviction_87) wrote,

smacked in the face by truth

wow. so tonight my girls and i go see brokeback mountain. one word. WOW. now i know why hollywood is taken by a storm. i COULD NOT stop crying. ahhhhhh! that movie touched me like no other movie has done. just thinking about it makes me start to cry. lol. i love my live journal audience!!! a shout out :o to: jenny, jill, kara, jason, and whoever! reads my entries :) well this weekend has been a weeekend of tears. brittany (my store manager at abercrombie) is now gone from our store because saturday was her last day. she will now be the new store manager at abercrombie and fitch north park in dallas. right now its being renovated and everything. it will be badass. i cant wait to go help open it up with her. damn i love that girl. hahaha. so yea, schools going good and fast. ahhhh things are going to quickly around here. i need to get my ass up in gear. oh god. *vomits*. well i hope everyone has an AWESOME day and night!!!! dont let anything superficial get in your way. :)

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Hey well it sounds like you had a good day, you suck cuz i still want to see that movie and i havent yet, but i will one day, but anyways you sound good, call me some time! we need to hang out, thx for the shout out, talk to you soon..

north park is about 10 minutes from me...dude you gotta come over! miss ya! and it is a great movie. i've seen it twice :-)