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so tonight i watched one tree hill. it was a phenomenal episode. in case you didnt watch it, it was basically about a young man who comes to school with a gun and holds several people hostage in a room. it was pretty intense. everyone ran everywhere when he pulled the trigger in the beginning and from there depth came in. it really got to me because it made me feel for kids in school that feel that way everyday about school. loneliness and despair. growing up is such a cruel and unusual period of time for humans. there are many interpretations, but i believe its all the same in one way or another. at the beginning of the episode i thought about myself at my school. i have my own group of friends, and thats it. but there are others who have no one, and i can name a couple. but are we to blame if don't make time for others we don't know? the best answer i can give is, be amiable towards everyone. don't isolate people because you are stuck up to not be friends with everyone and aren't up to meeting others. i think we should all talk to whoever, no matter what social alliance we are in: jocks, cheerleaders, band people, choir people, art people, the intelligent ones, etc.... high school is a weird time in ones life....

i've been thinking about my future lately......i'm thinking of abandonning america for a while when im older. move to a foreign land and cultivate my life with something simple and useful. i want to be a bohemian. haha. i dont care what others think, i want to be happy and pass on my happiness to others. this place gives me a headache. i plan to escape for some time in the summer to my getaway....i will never tell.....
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