conviction_87 (conviction_87) wrote,

post liberation...

so i graduated. no biggie, it went by faster than i had anticipated. im a little dissapointed. maybe this is a rather insignificant dissapointment that i always say, but it needs to be said often. guys are idiots. they never seem to make up their minds. i used to think a guy would contribute to me being happy, but they dont. im the only person who can make myself happy with my own successes, friends and family. internal success is the best; external success is good, but is often immature if one doesnt look past their "15 minutes of fame". so this summer should be rewarding. when i say rewarding i mean sleep time, and time to do the things i wanted to do without having school to worry about. reading, keeping up with current news, and exercising. this summer will be good :) i have all this time to do whatever i want, i just want to use it efficiently and maturely.
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